Elderberries | Organic Dried Herb | Sambucus Nigra
  • Elderberries!!

    Latin Name: Sambucus nigra


    300 grams 


    These little berry powerhouses are full of antioxidants and make an amazing herbal cough syrup especially when using raw honey!


    Used for 1000s of years to ward off coughs, colds and the flu its a wonder why more people aren't using them - and sure, your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries, but First Nations and Aboriginals used the flowers, berries, and bark of elderberry trees to treat fevers and joint pain for hundreds of years, but now a days elderberry is best known to help fight coughs and the flu. You may boost your immune system during the winter months by making teas and infusions of dried berries, or add raw honey to make a flavourful cough and flu remedy. A simple recipe comes on the bag.


    We've included a few notable peer-reviewed articles below.

    Elderberries | Organic Dried Herb | Sambucus Nigra

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    • **A loving reminder: Plants are medicine and deserve a great deal of respect and a strong measure of common sense. A bit of education is always recommended before administering any herbal remedy on yourself or anyone else. Don’t forget to research and always consult a doctor prior to starting any new regime if you are on medication, have underlying medical issues, pregnant or nursing. Be sure to inform your pharmacist before taking any supplements to avoid contraindications. Elderberries are not recommended for those with autoimmune disorders.

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