Greetings from the Jewel Homestead and Hollyfrost Farm!

Hello, and welcome to the Jewel Homestead or what we now affectionately call Hollyfrost Farm: a 2 acre Ontario farm outside of Bowmanville Ontario with a 1905 brick farmhouse. We moved here in June of 2020 during the height of the pandemic to work on renovating this beautiful piece of Ontario heritage. Please follow along on our journey to bring this beautiful piece of history back to life.

Dan the Renovation Man

Hi, I'm Dan. The renovation man. 2020 has presented its challenges for everyone, including myself. I was in school for renovation but quickly found that there was no work available and the challenges of studying construction and renovation online did not fit my learning style. So this year my wife and I decided to take a leap of faith and work on flipping a 1905 farmhouse. This project will certainly keep me busy but will also allow me to make meaningful progress on my way to become a journeyman.

Hollyfrost Farm

Since the early 1900s the Jewel family has been farming and living on this land in beautiful Bowmanville, just a hop-skip-and-jump from Tyrone. Although the surround land is now rented out to neighbouring farmers we are living on a small 2 acre parcel with the 1905 red brick farmhouse. We moved here this past June with Aly excited and ready to expand and build her herb and flower farm for her tea business Geek+Tea. Aly will occasionally post updates on her journey from a urban community garden director to now a first generation market gardener. You can follow most of her journies through her Instagram channel at and @geekandtea.

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