Farmers don’t really grow anything – the plants do that.


The job of the farmer is to create an environment for vegetables to grow and flourish: to harvest the energy from the sun, carbon from the air, and minerals from the soil, and turn it into food for us to eat and plant ‘waste’ to feed the soil. 


Grown by a botanist.

Alyson Baker began growing herbs and flowers alongside her grandmother in her youth, but it wasn't until 2013 that she transitioned to market gardening in backyard and community gardens. Faithfully called "The Shire" her gardens in Hamilton and Burlington spanned across 15 locations including their home market garden along the Niagara Escarpment near Rock Chapel. In 2016, she re-established the long lost 1/4 acre allotment on her mother's property near Coldwater to create a sustainable local supply for her tea company Geek+Tea. Then in 2018 began mentoring youth through Allotment Seeds when she discovered there were few opportunities for tweens and teens to learn to grow.


Growing more than 50 varieties of flowers and herbs from seed, Alyson loves growing and blending healthy herbs into teas that you can feel good about purchasing and drinking, and with a whole lot of personality! Dark Side and Deadpoolong are her favourites as well as her House Blend a distinctly Harry Potter inspired magical brew.


Focusing on creating blends based on her botanical training and as a research assistant in plant pathology, all plants and seeds are grown using organic growing practices and regenerative agriculture.

In 2020, Alyson and her husband moved to a 2 acre farm just outside of Bowmanville where she has begun transitioning from working full-time as a community gardening coordinator to market gardening. Adding in a substantial vegetable allotment to help ensure food security for neighbours in the Clarington Area, Alyson continues to work for Halton Food as a community garden coordinator in Burlington and mentor youth through Allotment Seeds while her husband renovates the 1905 farmhouse and they scale up their herb and flower farm.



We focus on harvesting the sun’s energy as it comes to us today. Whether we are growing for food, tea or seeds gere are some practices we use:

  • Low and no-till / no-dig

  • Deep, intensive planting

  • Bike-driven transportation

  • Compost and organic soil ammendments

  • Heirloom vegetables

  • Dripline irrigation and rain-barrels

  • Grown in soil (no hydroponics)